Borden Golf Club is an affordable alternative when you want to leave the daily grind behind.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm

Borden Golf Club is a semi-private club that is open to the public.

Pro-rated memberships are available for posted military members any time after April 2019. Those posted after June 15 are pro-rated based on a 183 day season and calculated from their posting date to Borden.

Our Full Play Membership Category has not yet reached capacity for the 2019 season.

Applications for Associate Membership are accepted on a first come first served basis. Existing members have priority over new members at the beginning of each season. Capacities for Associate Membership are established annually by the Pro/Manager in consultation with the Club’s Golf Committee and are based on the space available after base requirements have been fulfilled. Associate Members wishing to join the club should apply early in the year to avoid disappointment.

Regular Membership (prices include tax)
  • Adult – $904.00
  • Couple – $1627.20
  • Junior – $169.50
Ordinary Membership (prices include tax)
  • Adult – $1084.80
  • Couple – $1952.64
  • Junior – $203.40
Associate Membership (prices include tax)
  • Adult – $1247.52
  • Couple – $2245.31
  • Junior – $233.91

Not sure which category you are? Click on our categories page for details!